This is one of three sites maintained by Arsen Darnay. The others are Ghulf Genes and BorderzoneGhulf Genes deals with a variety of subjects centered on modern culture, history, literature, and features poetry here and there. It was Arsen's first venture into blogging. BorderZone deals with subjects related to religion, mysticism, the paranormal, and, generally, with the transcendental writ small and large.

LaMarottejester__s_sceptor_color_jpgthumb is intended for occasional reflections that grow out of Arsen's years of laboring in the great economy; the subjects thus tend to relate to technology, business, development, and secular change in its various modes. The name of the blog is the contraction of a French word with its article; originally the word referred to the fool's scepter, such as the one depicted to the left; today the word means “fad” or “hobby,” but the intention in using it also signals “preoccupation.”

Arsen's education was in literature and history. His work experience, by contrast, has been in economics, statistics, markets, and the like. He has been a soldier, a marketing executive, a federal civil servant, an R&D manager for a large not-for-profit, a general manager in manufacturing, an independent consultant predominantly in the area of computer software, an entrepreneur, an editor, and a science fiction as well as a technical writer. He is retired.

Arsen is married to Brigitte Theodora nee Schulz, a retired reference publisher. Both stem from Europe. They have three grown children.


Credit for the image above goes to Arizona Indymedia, a not-for-profit media organization reachable here. Credit for enlightening me about the old meaning of the word belongs to my daughter, Michelle.

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