Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jobs by Sector, April-May 2011

Herewith the details of the employment change May to June 2011 by major sectors of the economy:

The patterns here roughly mirror those of last month. Changes in most of the sectors are minimal, the one exception being Leisure and Hospitality. That sector reflects, to some extent, anyway, travel to the United States by tourists from other countries. It is interesting to note that Construction shows a loss in employment, signaling that housing has not resumed its growth. The other is the loss of employment in the Finance Sector. I recall reading, just recently, that Wall Street had started laying off employees. The big loss in jobs is, once more, in Government, 39,000 jobs. Worth noting here is that last month’s report showed a loss in this sector of 29,000—but that the June numbers revised last month’s report so that the April to May change turns out actually have been a loss of 48,000 government jobs.

The Government sector losses can be further allocated. Federal losses accounted for 35.9 percent, state losses for 17.9, local education for 32.3 percent, and non-education at the local level for the rest.

The old-fashioned notion is that government is the employer of last resort. Not so these days. The data were obtained from this facility offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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