Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enter Darth Vader

On the left, an aging Princess Hoover, on the right, a Bissell CleanView Helix.

Wow! The changes in how things appear! Dirt could not be overcome by kindness, gentleness, pastel colors, and muted elegance. Enter Darth Vader. Or, put another way, ain't it wonderful the way Science Fiction influences even our humble house-cleaning?


  1. I must say, our new Dyson vacuum, while not quit as demonic looking as the newer vacuum pictured in this post, does "suck" remarkable well and far better than any vacuum I've EVER had. to function over style in vacuums!

  2. Yes. They work splendidly these awesome contenders. But this post became irresistible as I stared at a page of ads while eating my soup in the sunroom and the thought arose: Looks like Darth Vader, that one...