Saturday, November 5, 2011

Employment Change by Sector, September-October 2011

Herewith the details of employment change by sector. The familiar pattern once again repeats with some mildly positive changes:

Last month Construction was negative and Manufacturing positive. Now the results have been reversed. Last month Wholesale, Transportation, Finance, and Leisure were in the red, this month they are positive. But Information, which had been positive has now gone red. And Government, which showed a loss of 33,000 jobs, this months shows a lesser loss of 24,000 jobs.

Herewith some additional notes on the Government sector. The Great Recession officially ended in June 2009. Since then Total Private employment increased by 1.5 percent and All Government lost 2.6 percent of its employment (Federal, -0.1, State, -2.2, and Local -3.2 percent; the Federal loss has been due entirely to losses by the U.S. Postal Service; other employment actually grew). The State and Local sectors together may be broken into educational employment (53.5%) and all other (46.5%). In this recent month, Federal employment dropped by 2,000, State government by 20,000, and Local government by 2,000 employees. The states thus bore the brunt of the October decline. State education declined by 4,300 jobs, all other by 15,600. Local education increased by 1,200. The two numbers for local changes don’t quite add due, no doubt, to rounding errors.

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