Saturday, December 3, 2011

Employment Change by Sector, October-November 2011

Now for the details. The net 120,000 jobs gained in November are shown in detail, including losses that produced the net value:

The private sector produced 156,100 jobs and lost 17,700 jobs for a net gain of 138,400. The 140,000 on the graphic is due to rounding of subcomponents. Government, again, lost 20,000 jobs, somewhat lower than the 24,000 it shed last month. The consequence of arbitrary tax cutting is the shrinkage of government, of course, and here we see the results, month after month.

Private sectors that remain troubled are Construction, Manufacturing, and Information. Construction continues to be troubled by the freeze-up of the housing sector. Manufacturing is growing jobs ever so reluctantly, 2,000 this month, down from 5,000 last month. The Information sector lost 8,800 jobs in five of its subdivisions, has gained 4,900 jobs in only one, resulting in a 3,900-job net loss, rounded to 4,000:

  Publishing industries, except Internet
  Motion picture and sound recording industries
  Broadcasting, except Internet
  Data processing, hosting and related services
  Other information services

It looks like, from the above tabulation, that entertain and music, alas, if you can call it that, are holding their own. But everything else in Information is dead in the water.

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