Saturday, March 9, 2013

Job Gain/Loss by Sector, February 2013

Herewith a look at the February 2013 employment gains by sector—from the same Bureau of Labor Statistics press release referenced yesterday.

Red bars are almost absent—meaning that only two sectors had job losses in the January to February interval. If we group them, the best performing sectors, with a gain of 160,000 jobs, were in the services sector, and within that grouping Professional and Business Services were doing best of all. Sectors engaged in physical production  (Mining, Construction, and Manufacturing) came second, with a gain of 67,000 jobs. The trade sectors (Wholesale, Retail, Transport and Warehousing), came third (28,300 jobs added). Government experienced a 10,000 job loss—something that has been pretty routine over the past two years or so.

The pattern, except for shrinking government employment, is encouraging.

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