Thursday, March 17, 2011

Power Plant Map of the U.S.

As earlier I showed a map of the fault zones (here), so now I'll follow that up with a map of the nuclear power plants located in the United States. It comes courtesy of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (link):

Now it won't escape the invariably thoughtful readers of this blog that at least a third of these reactors rest within the reach, if I might phrase it like that, of the New Madrid Fault shown in the first link provided above. Earthquake maps tell us that we're living on a dangerous planet; our use of nuclear power plants adds to the danger. But, folks, it is a dilemma. We need power—and of the kinds we’d really suffer to do without, electric power is tops. At the same time we worry about carbon footprints. Nuclear plants have the smallest. One thinks of the rose garden that no one promised us…

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  1. I was quite happy to see on the news this evening that electric power has been restored to the Fukushima facility this evening. Power and our need for it... a thorny topic indeed.

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