Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks

It happens to be a coincidence, but it pleases me to launch a new edition, if I might call it that, of LaMarotte on the feast day of a famous figure like Saint Patrick. From this time forward, LaMarotte will appear on Google’s Blogger platform. The reason for this? I’ve discovered that WordPress, the host of LaMarotte since its beginning, thus since April of 2009, has begun to run ads on that site. WordPress has every right to do so. In effect I have been very pleased with that platform and its many attractive facilities. But the general thematic of LaMarotte, alas—which is a jaundiced-eye view of matters economic and secular—is incompatible with advertising. Therefore I have two choices. One is to pay for the hosting service and the other is to move to a platform where the service is free and running ads is a choice left to me. I'm retired. I have to be frugal. Hence this change. The silver lining here? WordPress evidently started running ads because LaMarotte had achieved a high enough level of traffic to make it attractive to advertisers.

It will take a little time before this second incarnation of the blog will have some content. Selectively I'll bring in from the old one some of the more popular posts. Importing the entire a blog from the WordPress platform is possible—but exceedingly tedious. Therefore I will provide a link to the old one on this site.

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