Friday, November 16, 2012

U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Are we in some way participating, through the taxes that we pay, in the violence centered on Gaza that is now beginning in Israel. Yes, in a way. In the current fiscal year we gave Israel $3.1 billion in military aid; it accounted for 99.4 percent of all aid we gave that country. That’s a fair amount of money, indeed a fifth of Israel’s 2012 expenditures on the military ($15.2 billion), that number from to Wikipedia (link).

I show here a graphic tracking U.S. military aid to Israel for FY 1997 to FY 2013 (the last is proposed) along with bars showing what percentage that aid is of total U.S. aid to Israel. My source is a Congressional Research Service paper dated March 12, 2012 (link).

Two out of every ten bullets or missiles or bombs are ours, you might say. We don’t participate in targeting.

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